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Passionate about creating seamless and delightful user experiences.Ready to dive into the exciting world of UX design and make a real impact on UX Design is the place for inspire UX to begin my journey and learn, grow, and excel in the field of user experience. design.

There is an application in the market that caught my attention significantly because its branding is impeccable and delivers a very clear message with its character, "Robinhood." During the pandemic, I saw it, downloaded it, and noticed the straightforward and concise nature of its design, as well as its intuitive and simple user interface. This placed it at the top as one of the best finance applications worldwide, as it managed to take the concept of "User-Centered Design" to another level. I believe the primary goal of a mobile application is to make the complex simpler.

I simply tried to emulate it as an exercise. This wasn't a professional activity, but I really like what they did.

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